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re: resistance of temp sensor

Believe it or not, I could not find any information in Bentley on the 
specific resistance for that sensor (did I miss it, anyone?).  They provide 
nice charts for the FI temp sensor, but nothing for the multi-function sensor.
You would think for $100 you would get a COMPLETELY comprehensive 
workshop manual; on more than this occasion Bentley has left me 
hangin', however...

Assume this.  The resistance between a contact on the temperature 
sensor and ground will more than likely decrease with increases in 
temperature; i.e. your typical inverse relationship.  Take a multimeter 
and measure the resistance between all contacts on the sensor and ground 
at various engine temperatures  You should see less resistance at higher 
engine temperatures.  If the guage is dead and the resistance measured 
the same at cold and hot engine temperatures, then you have your answer...

You may have to mess with the sensitivity switch on your multimeter to get 
an accurate measurement of the resistance.  Resistance might be above 
2 kohms when the engine is cold and might be below 250 ohms when hot.   

More than likely, the sender is bad; an all too common problem with Audis...

Chris  ;)