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Re: ArmorAll

> > >Also, while on the subject...  how the hell do you get the annoying 
> > >bumpers clean?  Armor All works for a while ...

> > IMHO, Armor All is a dangerous product to use if you want your vinyl or
> > rubber to stay "healthy."  It may add a lustre, but in my experience 
> > it eats...

> the plastic components.  Based on the discussion, I have 
> abandoned ArmorAll completely (I HATE the slimy feel it 
> leaves, anyway!!) and started using Vaseline on the dash.  A thin 
> film applied on a hot day seems to work OK, and does not leae the 
> dash sticky.

I use plastic/rubber cleaner from Maguire's and it works well (no 
affliation nor financial interest in Maguire's). As for exterior black 
moldings, I've seen ads from Mothers' that they have this new thingie 
that's suppose to put a new shine on ext black things. Sadly, I haven't 
been able to sight this new (it's suppose to be out for several months 
now) in my local stores...

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