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Re: Anyone have definative hdlight rewiring???

>The most promising, cost effective, mod. seems to be the 9004>9007 bulb
>conversion. So I'm gonna give it a try.  Since I'm about to undergo front
>repairs, can someone provide the procedure for improving the stock wiring to
>the headlights.
>Also, when I bought my car from the dealer in 87, he installed the Hella
>lights under the bumper. The power lead is spliced to the low beam wire.
>Isn't this a poor choice-reducing power to the headlights? Any suggestions

Okay Mike, You asked for it......  EVERYONE If your going to upgrade your 
headlight wiring PLEASE save this post.....

Okay here's the poop....  With this Mod you can keep the Autocheck system 
from telling you that a bulb is out and Gain around 1.5 volt's at the 
bulb. The headlight won't melt, at least mine is still togther and I've 
had this mod on the car for 10 months.  The Difference is HUGE.... The 
existing headlights are now much more useable.

Get 4 30A relays, 4 Inline Fuse Holders, 2 100/80 watt bulbs, 2 10 amp 
fuses, 2 15 amp fuses, some Heavy Gauge wire (I Used some 8ga I had 
laying around) 1 2ga ring terminal, a bunch of female spade connectors in 
various sizes and 2 9000 series headlight connectors. (Availble at 
Wal-Mart, Grandpa's etc. for $4.00 each) Total cost $40 total time 1 hour

Take the four fuse holders connect one end to each of the relays, then 
take the four pigtails and then crimp them togther in the  2ga ring 
terminal connect this to the Jumper Cable Post near the right headlight.  
Use the existing headlight connectors to get your Low-Beam and High-Beam 
On signals,  Use both connectors... (This is what keeps the auto check 
off) This is why we have 4 relays, 2 High-Beam (W/15 amp fuse)  and two 
Low-Beam (W/10 amp fuse)  Use your heavy gauge wire to go from the relay 
to the new head-light sockets.  Presto chango High wattage lights that 
won't burn up connectors, That are bright white like they should be, And 
if you sell ther car the change back takes 5 min.


Eric Fletcher