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involuntary blink...

I'm angling for ideas - here's the scenario:

Over the last several months I thought I noticed the most momentary flicker in
my headlights;  thought maybe I might be hallucinating.  Then about a month
ago the "flicker" became long enough to notice (lights actually went dark),
though the instrument lights were not affected.  Funny thing is, they'd go
out, and come right back on again -- no pattern or predictability to it; would
happen while stopped, or while driving.  Go figure.

Well, last night I did a 120 mile roundtrip after dark.  No problems until
almost home, then on a winding back road, with oncoming traffic, I dipped my
high beams, and instead of low beams I get DARK.  Almost filled my drawers
cause I musta been doing 65 when the lights literally "went out".  Quickly
flicked on high beams again, and all was OK.  After traffic had passed, I
put on low beams and drove slowly and carefully until home -- no more blinking
or lights-out noticed for balance of trip.

So what's happening?  Bad switch (but why only on low beams?)?

TIA for any shared wisdom.