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Tranny Oils

> From: RELAYER@aol.com

> I need advise Quattro brethren:
> I was thinking about changing the trans fluid on both my audis with
> synthetic, My 90 is an auto, my Coupe Q is a manual. someone told me once
> that syn would put more load on my synchros? really?  I just want my trans to
> last forever, so if you have some advise, let me know!

They LIE!  Actually, they probably don't understand squat about 
synthetics...so they bad-mouth what they don't understand.  
Synthetics are much superior to standard gear oil.  Amsoil is good, 
Red Line is even better - but harder to find.   Ask around at 
performance-oriented shops and make sure to get the CORRECT 
oils for your trannys.  In the manual, the tranny gear oil is NOT the 
same as that used for rear ends in RWD cars.  Again, make sure to get 
the correct stuff.  You will like it a lot, and you will likely feel 
improved shifting in your manual.

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