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Re: Motor mount

On Tue, 19 Mar 1996, Mike Hopton wrote:

>      I replaced the turbo side motor mount on my '85 TQC last year and the 
>      original fluid filled mount, was according to Audi no longer available. 
>      They have a solid mount (no fluid) that is the "new" replacement part.
>      Has anyone else experienced this?
  Yes, I have experienced this. However, I think that the liquid ones are 
still available, you just have to pry a little or call someone that kept 
the liquid ones in stock and still has some left. Like I said, I put one 
of these non-liquid filled mounts in my 4k and it is clesrly inferior. 
There is a lot more movement in the engine bay. If you have ever seen a 
trans. mount then you know what they look like, just double the size. If 
anyone does decide to get one of these things, make sure that you get the 
hardware kit with it. It has the nut and bolt, the top washer, and the 
cup washer (like the trans mount) that goes underneath the mount. This 
kit IS a seperate part and has a seperate part # and you will have a 
tough time getting things together without it.

Laters, Ben