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Tranny advice/help needed...

Car: '87 Audi 5000S Automatic - 120,000mi

The story so far...

For a while I have been hearing a "slam" from the transmission when
it shifts from 1st to 2nd particularly when the car is accelerating
fast from a stop and sometimes the reverse (2nd to 1st) causes a "slam"
when I am in heavy traffic. I had the leaking rack syndrome and had my
mechanic make sure that the mounts weren't eaten away -- their fine.

I recently (Oct. 95) had my transmission fluid changed (I waited a little
too long (I know, 50 lashes with a wet PS hose)). A sample of that fluid 
is now on my mechanics shelf as the "bad example". I took the car in today
to get the "slamming" checked out (of course he couldn't reproduce it) and
he said that the Trans fluid is "a little burned, which shows interior wear
on the tranny".

What I would like to do is to keep this transmission alive for another
30, 40, 80,000 miles or forever. What is my best bet to accomplish this?
My mechanic didn't reccommend another fluid change as this my cause
problems to worsen. It is dino juice. Would synthetic help or would it
probably just make things worse.

Please help as my wallet is very thin right now (I need both mufflers 
replaced :( )

Thanks for any help/advice/comments.


Robert E. Shemo
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