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Re: wax

On Tue, 19 Mar 1996, Michael Williams wrote:

> hey guys and girls, its me again.  Yes the one with all of those problems 
> with my 85 coupe.  Anyway, I am interested in anyone's opinion of the car 
> polish named "WET"  I have seen it in all of the car magazines and am 
> interested in purchasing some.  If anyone has any other suggestions for 
> the 'best' wax/polish out there, then drop me the answer.  I am mainly 
> interested in the polish that will give me the most shine out of the 
> paint on my car as it is in good condition, but due to the accident, the 
> paint is somehow different and is not really a high gloss paint.  If 
> anyone out there knows the best polish to help me then I appreciate the help
> 	Mike