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Need 5sp Tranny for 4000 s


After approx. 140K miles of service, my tranny on 85 4000s 4
cyl, manual 5 speed, started go bad.  symtoms are, leaking
trany oil, grinding noise for more than 5 months, and finally,
it start to ticking from inside.  well, i took her to local
(Nothern Virginia) trany shop.  after they test drove it, they
supected bad syncro, broken gear, etc.  estimate? $1500 - $2000.
Is this reasonable figure for getting a new trany?  the guy
said, he will buy rebuilt trany from west coast and open up my
dying trany.  if it is rebuildable, he will, otherwise, he will
charge me the rebuilt trany +$650 labor to install.  

I check the car in another shop for second opinion.  I will
know the second verdict until later this week or so.  what
would be my best alternatives?  where are the some sources for
rebuilt tranny?  

the engine is still strong, and i need this car for at least 2
years or so.  even the first mechanic who gave me estimate
admitted that this car was worthwhile fixing it.

Thanks in advance.

Peter Yi
85 4000s 1.8