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Mobil 1 on sale!

typically find Mobil 1 for about $3.90/qt.  this weekend, K-mart was
advertising Mobil 1 for $3.07/qt. after the "instant" rebate of $2.40/case of 6.
...of course, they're out.

went by the local Schuck's (Checker/Kragen, also) where they'll match
prices, AND beat it by 5%.  ok--that becomes $2.92/qt by the case.  i'm sure
most of you can find similar deals.  but wait -- it get's better...

Mobil has a $5 rebate available if you buy a case through
Checker/Schuck's/Kragen:  we're down to $2.08/qt now, plus a .32 for mailing
for my rebate.  don't know if this rebate is available elsewhere, limit 1
case, and it expires 3/31/96.  

hope the Audi gods don't think I went too cheap here--afterall, I just
changed the oil tonite :)

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