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No Subject

hey list.  Hows it going.  Anyways I was wondering if anyone had any ideas 
on the best possible tires that I could buy for my coupe. I have the 
stock 14 X 6 inch rims and i am interested in any suggestions for the 
best performance tire out there that will fit my car.  I have been 
interested in the Yokohama AVS intermediate tires.  I prefer to get a 
larger size than the 185/60 that I have on them now.  The current tire 
that I have on it now are the bf goodrich comp t/a hr4.  The size that I 
am looking at for the intermediate is the 205/55/zr14.  I would like to 
get something with a 'z' or 'v'rating.  Thanks for the help.