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Mobil 1, IA Stg III

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     Installed Ned Ritchie's Stage III upgraded computer into my 91 200 TQW 
     today, warmed up the oil, and then blasted around the country roads 
     Someone on the list (in the "Replace 20VTQ Motronic with S4 Motronic 
     thread) said Ned's computer upgrade for the 20V TQ could be described 
     as giving the equivalent of S4 overboost without the 15 second limit. 
     My impressions definitely concur. The power boost is significant, but 
     not awesome, still impressive considering no hardware was modified or 
     installed. Scary power would require at least a better exhaust 
     manifold and turbo swap, as Ned suggests. This is as hard as he wants 
     to push the stock engine and maintain all the -abilities. 
     Turbo lag is now almost gone, more low-end grunt, fourth gear is a 
     screamer. Not yet used to the new throttle feel, it is hard to drive 
     under 50 MPH. Unexpected is that the engine sounds are "different," 
     even at idle--more regular and alert. Don't ask me to substantiate 
     this, more like saying one stereo has crisper sound than another.
     My boost guage still goes only to 1.7 bar--had hoped to exercise its 
     full potential capacity, which I thought was 2.0 (says so in the 
     owner's guide). Noticed it reading only 1.4 and 1.5 when accelerating 
     at full throttle through second and third, although the pressure 
     against the back of the seat was more than pre-Ned tune, of course. I 
     had thought it would be pinned against its max, given that the Stage 
     III upgrade makes a claimed 2.5 bar. So I have to corraborate that its 
     accuracy is questionable.
     BTW, I for one would like to see a repost of Ed Hackett's discourse on 
     oil, if you will, Grant. 
     Mark Andre
     Fort Collins CO
     91 200 TQW
     87 VW QSW
     64 VW Ghia Convert. (soon to be an EV)