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5sp trans for 4000 Update

Hi folks,

for the folks has or will have problems with their trans, here
is what i found out and what is my intentions.

i called around about 5 different sources from the part vendor
list.  even though i had very fine experiece from all of them
from previous part purchase, price was vary significantly in
used or rebuilt trans.

i was looking for 5sp manual for my 85 4000, 1.8 liter, and PAP
had lowest price in both used and rebuilt.  used trans were
going anywhere from $350(PAP) - $725, and rebuilt were going
anywhere from $870(PAP) to over $2000.  for used, it came with
about 30 day warantee, and for rebuilt, most of them offered 2
year warantee.  another thing is freight, it can be from $70 to
$120, depending where you live.

my mechanic found one locally for $300, and will do whole thing
for $750, which is not bad at all.  however, he told me to keep
driving until it stops, since it still DRIVES  with some noise.

so, I decide to take that chance.  I know the trans is in bad
shape, but let us see how long it goes.  even i replace with
used, i am gonna keep it only 2 more year or so anyway.  i will
do follow up later.

peter yi