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Re: Clunk from 4kq

On Mar 21, 1996 07:32:15, '"John W. Seitz" <jwseitz@SNET.Net>' wrote: 
>But Mine has a clunk in the  
>rear/drive-shaft, I think it only happens when there is a lot of power  
>added to the system (such as rolling on a hill letting the clutch  
>out....) Is this normal or should it be looked at ASAP?? 
No, it's not normal. I suspect that one of the constant velocity joints in
the shaft has lost it's lubrication and is binding under load. If that is
the case, get it checked ASAP. The last time I delt with this problem I
could not buy parts for the shaft I had to get the WHOLE SHAFT!!! But if
you get the joints lubed before it's too late you will save yourself about