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Additional headlight relay info.

Hi All,
  For those of you who are interested, I was in a junkyard today looking for
parts to do the headlight relay upgrade, and I discovered that Volvos have a
slick little power distribution block that has six male spade terminals with
a large spade terminal on each end that is enclosed in a black plastic
housing. This is almost perfect for distributing power to the relays for a
very clean installation. Volvos also have relays with a little sheetmetal
clip that allow the relays to be mounted to a sheetmetal edge without having
to drill any holes.
I purchased four relays, the appropriate 9004 connectors, the distribution
headers and relays for $10us.
100w high beams, here I come!!!

                   Michael Loeks
                   Warren,Oregon (30 min. North of Portland)
                   Current fleet:
                   '86 5KCSTQ - Red w/Fuchs wheels
                   '86 5KCSTQ - Grey