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re: Charlie springs

Steve Powers, S6 and K (among others) owner, writes:

> Last I heard, Charlie bought another motorcycle. This one was
> a BMW R80GS with a _TURBO_... (this via another list we're both
> on) 

... I seem to hear more and more about quattro drivers that are 
Beemer riders.  I thought that it was just a "Steve" thing, but
now I hear of Charlies and Dans that are at least interested in
two wheeled BMWs.  Could this be simply because NSU sold motor-
cycles and that means that Audi owners have some subconscious 
desire to ride motorcycles, and since NSU no longer sells motor-
cycles that we then gravitate toward Beemers?

... BTW - I saw an interesting looking NSU motorcycle in the 
midst of restoration ... at the local BMW motorcycle dealer.

I wonder what percentage of quattro list members also ride motor-
cycles (not necessarily Beemers ...)?  I wonder how the percentage
compares to that of the general public that rides, or even compared 
to other groups of auto enthusiasts ...

To bring this back toward an Audi topic ... I did buy a spring from
Charlie Smith, to use in my QTC.  It looks similar enough to the one 
I already had so I didn't even try it out.  I'll probably install it 
this weekend, but I'd imagine that I could probably get the same 
benefit from cranking down the perch adjustment ... actually, lately 
the wife has been complaining that the Wagon seems to be lacking in 
power, perhaps I should simply install it in the 5k ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)