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Re: Head Work

     What about extude hone for the intake, head, and exhust.? I 
would not go big valves unless you want to lose low end power for 
high end speed. Somthing about cyclinder head velocities or 
whatever... I think extrude hone will be the best thing to do to 
the head and manifolds for a few reasons. One being that the 
prosess removes material from the entire runner not just the ends 
where you can get a grinder. It smooths the material in a flow 
pattern much like water erodes a river bank in a natural efecient 
manner. So more POWER and more MPG all at the same time. But leave 
the turbo alone. Again the high end thing.

     NMarty S.


>Date:	21 Mar 96 18:01:00 EST
>From:	Larry Augsburger <71564.2244@compuserve.com>
>Sender:	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>To:	Quattro List <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
>Subject:	Head Work
> Ok, I have decided to rebuild the head on my 5000cstq. I intend 
to do a
>performance rebuild. I already have a modified turbo, charlie 
> wastegate
>spring.  So far I have been told to go with over-size valves, 
brass valve
> guide
>?seals?, and a 90-91 10v cam. I have called numerous reputable 
> shops,
>and they all say "Well, I have never done it before on that head, 
but I'm
> sure I
>can."  Could I get some feedback on what works best:
>  1. What size oversize valves? Any reliability problems on valve 
>  2. What is the best cam to use that still has a reasonable idle?
>  3. Anything else recommended (port matching to intake/exhaust 
> etc.).
>  4. Could someone recommend a shop, please.
>Please include as many details as possible so I can be sure to get 
> done
>Thanks, in advance for the suggestions.
>Brett Augsburger