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Re: Charlie springs

The always observant and thoughtful Steve Buchholz enquires:

> I wonder what percentage of quattro list members also ride motor-
> cycles (not necessarily Beemers ...)?  I wonder how the percentage
> compares to that of the general public that rides, or even compared 
> to other groups of auto enthusiasts ...

And Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart wonders if this includes Q-listers who *used*
to ride motorscooters?  If so, count me in.  I fell in love with two wheeled
madness when I learned to ride at the age of 14 (I won't confess how many 
years ago that was, but it was before helmets were even available to the
general public, and after the end of the Punic wars).

Now it may not be exactly the first thing that the rider learns, but an 
immutable  law of nature is that Scooter riders come in two flavors: those
that *are* skidding down the road sans benefit of Scooter; and those who
*will* be.  (Another way of saying this, "Those who *are* healing...")

I've also discovered that the older one gets, the longer it takes to heal,
sooooo... reluctantly...

I got rid of my last scooter (1974 Kawasaki Z1b - 903cc, 84 hp) two years
ago, ending my 40 year riding career, when I traded it for a chip for my other
little open-air toy.


(yer Kindly ol' Unka) Bart

Frau Dora, 
(fond memory of a couple of little feline varmints in my heart)
'86 Indischrot Carrera Cabriolet, 
'87 Alpenweis Syncro.
FORMERLY Custodian, Porschephiles Phund