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Re: VW perf. vs. audi perf - aftermarket

At 10:09 PM 3/21/96 -0700, Brooks Ellis wrote:
>        I was looking at the article in Euro-Car that had the Coupe Q 
>with the 2.6L disp kit ( they kept saying it was 2.2 L stock..? ), and
>various mods..
>        I was wondering why every company under the sun has VW mods, and
>considering their incestual relationship, why Audi's could be tuned in a
>similar manner?
>        Is the 2.3 I5 just a pain to deal with? Not much potential? Why?
>People don't see the point in bumping their 130HP I5 up to 150HP when it's
>pushing a 3600 lb car anyway?

I hate to say it, because I'm helping someone put together a PRO-Rally
4kcsq, but I think it's that damn 5th cylinder.  Theoretically, all the
trick stuff being done on the VW's should work on the Audis.  Everything
(enginewise) just has to be longer!  I agree with you, I wash someone were
making the cool parts and hop-ups but apparently no-one is :-(

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