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Deux-Wheelers & Options

Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net> said:

> Thanks guys, thanks a lot.  You're making it very difficult for
> me to stick with my plans to get that K75s I've always wanted.
> I too worry about the dangers, but I can't shake the need to
> ride.  Maybe if I get a 911 cabrio instead... Hey Unka, trade
> ya a nice 84 4000sq for yours :)

Well, heck Dan, why not find a nice sports car club and spend some 
time autocrossing some $70 tires off their rims and making lotsa 
squealy sounds?  It relieves all kinds of urges (hmmm....let's not 
get too far into this...) and doesn't cost much.

(Since you all know that I have a Z-car - ) If you don't wanna mess with 
your Audi, why not find an old Datsun (pre-83) Z-car and autocross 
it?  They're easy to find and cheap to run!

I can just hear the intake of breath and all of you quoting Barry 
Fitzgerald in The Quiet Man (when the toady tried to place a bet on 
Sean Thornton): "Gooo-way, ya traitor-ya!". [Maybe you had to be 

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