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Any interesting events coming up in New England?

On 22 Mar 1996, Paul C. Waterloo wrote:

> June.  It's not that expensive to get tickets (definitely cheaper than the
> Daytona 500), and is a blast!
> You've never heard a car accelerate until you've heard a F-1 car.  The
> transmission really make the cars fly!
> It's about an hour and a half from Burlington, VT.

You can get to Montreal in an hour and a half from Burlington? In 
WHAT!!!?!?!?!? Thats about 5 hours better than me! :)



Bob, what speed do you drive at?  I thought you were one to go fast.

Burlington to Montreal - 101 Miles

Brattleboro to Montreal -247 Miles 

Could you be thinking of Brattleboro?  It takes me about an hour and a half to
get to Montreal from Burlington, I do it three or four times a year.

Q:  Why do the English drink warm beer?

A:  Because they have Lucas refrigerators.

Paul Waterloo