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Re: I thought I wanted a coupe ...

     I have a Coupe Doug and I agree the headroom in the front is not very 
     good(I am 6ft).  But I think the rear seat has plenty of head and leg 
     room.  Certainly more than most Coupes.  Don't give up yet.  Make sure 
     the seat is adjusted properly(it will go down).  Also, there is a 
     cushion you can get from the audi dealer that is lower by an inch or 
     two.  I have the part Number if you need it.  The Coupe Quattro is a 
     great car if you love to drive.  It is also very unique.  I think 
     there are only about 1500 in the U.S.
     The price is deffinately too high.  I live in New Jersey where the 
     price of autos is about as high as they can get.  Still, I bought my 
     CQ last April for 12k.  It had 85k mi., tornedo red, winter package 
     and 8 way adjustable leather seats(driver and passenger!).   It had 
     been meticulously maintained and there was all the documentation to 
     prove it.  The book value of this auto is around 12,750 for show 
     condition.  The pearl paint was an option for that year that cost $$$ 
     but it is a beautiful rare color.  Only down side is that it is 
     impossible to match.
     I am surprised they did not take your offer.  They must have paid too 
     much for it themselves or think you will come up.  
     My advise:  Take it out on the highway and crank it up to about 
     80-90mph(it loves this speed), then decide if you don't want it.
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: I thought I wanted a coupe ...
Author:  Doug Rudoff <drudoff@homer.spry.com> at Internet
Date:    3/22/96 9:48 AM

The past few months I've been interested in getting a a '90 or '91 
Quattro Coupe to replace my '85 VW GTi.
Last week I got a call from a local dealer (University Audi, in Seattle) 
that they just got one in the night before. I had never actually seen one 
before, only have read about them. It was a '90 with 57,000 miles, one 
owner, just had the 60K service, pearl white in pristine condition. They 
wanted $17,900 (which I know is too much). 
This was my dream car, until I saw and drove it. The coupe is just too 
small inside. I had just enough headroom in the front seat, there's not 
enough headroom in the rear, and even with the hatchback the luggage space 
is tiny. Since I have only one car (and it would be really inconvenient to 
have two cars in my neighborhood), I need something that could comfortably 
hold four people and haul stuff on occasion, which the GTi does well. 
Since I wasn't that interested, a made I low offer of $14,500 and my GTi 
to see if they'd bite. They didn't.
I think I'll have to keep my eye out for a wagon now (anyone know of one 
in the Seattle area?).
(I don't know if the dealer still has the Coupe. I haven't seen them 
advertise it in the paper, so my guess is that it's gone. I would have 
mentioned in earlier in the Quattro list, but I just joined a few days 
Doug Rudoff                 Seattle, WA                     drudoff@spry.com