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Re: Tip on installing front struts THE EASY WAY

At 05:07 PM 3/15/96 EST, you wrote:
>I have replaced the front struts on my '87 5KQ before, and it was a bear!  You
>have to disassemble the whole front end, tie rod ends, strut knuckles, etc.,
>etc.  It took me 20 hours the first time!
>Three year later, I had to do it again.  However, I got a good tip from a
>mechanic.  On the 5K (I imagine also on the 100, 200 etc.), you can remove and
>install the struts by never even taking off the front wheel.  Procedure is as
>Jack up one side to the point where the front wheel is almost off the ground.
>With a pair of large channel locks or monkey wrench, go into the wheel well and
>remove the strut cartridge nut from the strut assembly.

Hold it right here!!!!!  There is a service tool availible from the VW/Audi
tool place (I'm sorry I forget their name) on Long Island.  I changed my
front strut cartridges in 20 minutes per side.  The tool allows you to
change the strut cartridge without even jacking up the car.  The job is done
100% from under the hood.  Just remove the top plate from the strut (3 nuts)
Mark their position but plan on having a front end or four wheel alignment
performed when your done.  Remove the upper nut from the shock. Then using
the aforementioned tool loosen the nut that holds the cartridge in the
strut.  Remove the cartridge.  Replacement is the opposite of the removal
process except you need to put a small amount of motor oil in the  strut
housing before installing the cartridge.  The tool is $89.00 plus
freight-somewhat expensive but well worth it. I know I own one!