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Re: Audi tech wanted

Subj:  Audi Tech wanted                 Section: For Techs Only
From:  JOEL E. 0SSERMAN         75157,146
  To:  All                                     Date: 24-Mar-96 02:49   

Experienced Audi Tech. Motronic fuel/ignition-electrical diagnosis using
VAG 1551 and repair. Engine/Automatic Transmission repair/rebuild. 
SALARY RANGE IS NEGOTIABLE/Expected rate $25,000. NET plus health
benefits.  We are a non franchised--independent shop--declard by VW
Credit to have been the 4th LARGEST VOLUME BUYER of VW/AUDI off lease
used cars in the USA-1993 and one of the top ten since 1991.  We neighbor
Seneca Lake-Lake Trout Capital of the World, good skiing, numerous
wineries etc.  We are within 45 minutes of Rochester/Syracuse/Ithaca NY
with the many social/campus attractions in each community.  Less than 300
miles from midtown Manhattan/Philadelphia PA/Boston Mass.  Let's
Talk!!!!! Call Joel collect in Waterloo, NY, (315)-789-9368.

Forum readers, please spread the word among friends in the business and
drop me a note on other places I should post my opening.  I realize that
this is a troubleshooting/tech site but the difficulty in finding the
proper experienced tech has been expressed by many in these pages before!

Check out our website @ http://www.selecttr.com
Joel Osserman, proprietor
Select Transportation-#4 buyer VW/Audi off-lease USA-1993