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Audi Coupe Quattro 20V

Yesterday I went shopping with my  girlfriend to get her another car.
Her Audi 80 Quattro model 86 ( type 85 )  with the 1.8l engine ( 66 kw )
and 110000 miles on the clock , was starting to corrode very badly. 
Those type 85 cars were not zinc-plated and once the corrosion 
starts , it takes a lot of work to really stop it. 
Therefore we were looking for another car. Luckily it didn't take
long and we bought a AUDI Coupe Quattro 20V model 89 ( type 89Q ) 
with 85000 miles.The car is white with sunroof and some minor dents at 
both doors. We paid 10000 US$ for it and considering that the car was 
about 43500 US$ back in 1989 the price sounds ok. 
All shocks are worn out and the bushings on the wishbones are also in 
bad shape. New shocks from Boge and new bushings from the Sport Quattro
are included , I just have to find some time to put them in. Most of the
cooling water hoses and all the belts have been replaced a few weeks ago.
The hydraulic pump did get new hoses as well. Overall the car isn't in a 
bad shape.
During my testdrive the car worked ok , except for the worn shocks.
The engine runs smooth but dosn't really have much power below 3500rpm.
Comparing this 20 valve 170 PS engine with my standard 200 Quattro
with 165 PS , it really is a big difference. The 200 Quattro has much more
low end torque due to the turbo  although my 200 Quattro is about 650
lbs heavier. Comparing the AUDI 20 valve 2.3l with 170 PS to other engines
like the Opel 16 valve 2l with 150 PS or the BMW M3 16 valve 2.3L with 200 PS,
this isn't really the best engine AUDI ever built.

* Hans-Juergen Schneider   *
* hschnei@ibm.net          *
* 200 Quattro , Germany    *