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climate control problems solved and more

Well, those of you who suggested to me that I would have to replace the 
blower control unit under the hood to get the blower to stop acting wacky 
-- you were totally right, of course. :)  I went up to my girlfriend's 
house in Rhode Island the other day, and had an experience a little bit 
different than I have ever had before.  We went to this great foreign car 
junkyard which lets you walk around in their lot and tear parts out of 
anything you want, then you can just bring them up and haggle over them.  
I mean, this was really unreal to me.  So I went in there, grabbed the 
best looking blower control unit, and at the same time took a new rear 
door handle, as one of mine was completely shot.  I got the handle for 
$15 and then convinced them that the BCU was only worth about $15 used as 
well, so I think I made off fairly well.  Took the stuff home, put in the 
BCU, cranked the engine up -- low and behold, no fan when the climate 
control was set to off!  PEACE AND QUIET at last!  The door handle worked 
out great, too.

Needless to say, I'm going back there when the next thing breaks that 
isn't too "major".

Thanks again for the help on this one.

 -Preston Brown