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>   Don't remove the cat, just gut it.  Here in Taxachusetts we
>   have a somewhat strict emissions testing program and my 
>   gutted kitty mobiles have passed every time. (On the 5KS
>   emissions  went down by 50% after the kitty surgery) Plus if you 
>   decide to sell the car....you don't know anything about it,
>   must have been that mechanic in Alabama that did it when you
>   got stranded there with an exhaust plugged by kitty litter..
>   yeah, that's the ticket...

Bzzzzzzttttttt.....  (Finally got to use it, It's been a while!)  Gutting 
the cat cause's more turbulence in the exhaust and really screws up your 
back pressure the only two options that I would do are:

1) straight pipe

2) gut the cat and install a straight pipe inside of it....

I had 2 now I have 1.....


Eric Fletcher