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Re: gutting the kitty

>I've done extensive 1/4 mi testing and found that with a somewhat stock Ur-Q
>with K&N, IA Stage II, 17 PSI boost and open exhaust from the cat back,
>cat/no cat made 0.00 % difference in 1/4 mi times. Unless you are dong heavy
>mods, big cam, etc don't bother.

Hmmmmmm...  My test show that you HAVE to remove the kitty when your 
upping the boost and playing with the cam (Not big cam, Just playing with 
it) Backpressure is a problem and HEAT is the major problem....  The 
stock exhaust flows OK up to 250hp then it's a limiting factor.  Probally 
on of the reason's I have a faster 30-70 time than you (And I weigh 


Eric Fletcher