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NASCAR vs Touring Cars

Hi all,

...Touring cars are standard road cars? Well, they look slightly like them
from a 1-mile distance, but they're mostly spaceframe/Kevlar/aluminium
efforts! The actual Touring Car races (DTCC) are getting more & more
predictable (Mercedes vs BMW/Alfa, Merc wins, the Opels crash mostly) IMHO
the lower class 2000cc Touring Car (ADAC Super Tourenwagenrennen) races are
MUCH more fun; I loved the beginning of last season where the A4 quattros
were in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place... The other ones are starting to catch
up now, but the A4s still win regularly! This series has a much more varied
entry field, with Hondas, Volvos (they even ran an Estate for one season),
Renaults, Nissans, BMWs, Mercs and Audis all dicing together. A sight I'll
never forget is a race, I think last season at Hockenheim (?) in torrential
rain. Everybody was spinning all the time but the Audis had the right tyre
choice and quattro advantage and went just fine.
In Europe Rallye cross is also popular, racing in very modified cars such
as Ford Escort Cosworths, Ford RS200s and the like, around an oval track of
mixed dirt/tarmac surface. It's very close racing and extremely exciting.
There's one moderately succesful guy driving an Audi 80 coupé quattro in
the top series. Great to see your favourite car on the circuit!

Looking forward to your comments,


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