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Re: Bouncing Front Wheel


I'd say a blown strut insert is a safe bet.  The strut inserts take the
place of the separate shock absorbers or dampers on non MacPherson strut
suspensions.  You need to get both front strut inserts replaced.

>Lately I've notice a problem with the right front wheel on my '88 5KS.
>Whenever the wheel rolls over sharp or rippled bumps, it feels as if there
>is a basketball in place of my wheel.  In other words, in stead of just
>absorbing the bump, it bounces up and down at a high frequency.  This is
>especially interesting when there is a bump in a curve.  Talk about
>Anyway, when looking in the wheel well I noticed wetness (fluid?) coming
>down from the top of the strut.  Could I have blown a seal, leaving me with
>no damping?  Can this be fixed by just replacing the strut?
>Any advice would be appretiated.  Please include the most minor of details
>as I am far from being an auto suspension expert.
>Gary - NYC

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL