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A8 sightings

As I was headed up to Steamboat Springs last Wed for some
skiing, what appeared in on comming traffic, but an Audi test
convoy. I was headed north on CO 9, just leaving Silverthorn,
and I saw a familiar shape. The first black one passed, and then
I realized it was an A8. Next were a bunch of A4s and bringing up
the rear was a very dirty pearl white A8. They all had steel wheels
and were filthy. They must be doing some high altitude testing
before the new release. Not sure what the A4s were, I would guess
they were 1.8 turbo 5 valves. I have heard rumblings that a couple
of these have already arrived in Denver for more pre-release
testing. I have spoken with someone who has driven some 1.8
turbo A4s which were in CO last year and he said this is the
version to have around Colorado.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 TQC