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Re: 90Q20V

>From: gfl@cc.bellcore.com (grant f lenahan)
>Date: 25 Mar 1996   7:34 EST
>Subject: 90Q20V
>$10k sounds like a fair price, including new struts, if the
>car is in good condition, but where did you get the
>$43k price (1989)?
>In 1991, my 90Q20V, loaded, was just under $30k.  Its
>a very similar car.  FWIW, I paid about $15k / 50k miles
>in June of '94.

In 1989 the 90Q20V with no extras had a list price of 58345,-DM ,
the 90Q20V Coupe with a mechanical sunroof had a list price 
of about 65000,-DM in 1989. I'm not sure about the exchange rate
DM / US$ back in 1989 but 65000,-DM is about 43000 US$ at the 

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