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Re: 1992 Audi 100S - System Check Display

Hey Y'all,


As self-proclaimed expert [ex = has-been & spurt = drip under pressure - I
guess I qualify] on flakey instrument clusters (IC), the garbage' on the
check system display is most likely a result of bad and/or corroded
electrical contacts inside the IC.  The cure is to take it out of the car,
open it up, clean the contacts and reassemble everything.  The contacts to
be particularly aware of are the ones inside the hinged cover of the rear of
the IC.  Also be particularly careful in mating then connectors upon reassembly.

With practice, this can be accomplished in well under 15 minutes.  Don't ask
how I know.  :-(  

Above all, *DON'T* let your fiendly (sic) local Audi dealer sell you an
unneeded $1K new display unit.

At 12:01 PM 3/25/96 -0800, you wrote:
>On Mar 25,  2:24pm, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
>> Subject: Re: 1992 Audi 100S - System Check Display
>> Hairy green toads from Mars made Debu Purohit say:
>> The problem is dirty contacts for the check display behind the
>> instrument cluster. Mike LaRosa has fixed his; it's pretty easy.
>> Some day I'll fix mine.
>>-- End of excerpt from Andrew Duane USG/PE
>	Hmmm -- that has me wondering.  On my '91 200Q, the auto-check
>	display starts displaying garbage once in a while, especially
>	if the car has been out in the sun a lot.  And I remember that
>	one of the cars I looked at (an '89) had the display permanently
>	displaying garbage. I suppose it's possible that bad soldering
>	could be responsible for this as well ... anyone else see similar
>	symptoms on their cars?  (You know, the relatively low-tech
>	scheme on my '85 is probably a more robust one).
>	-Arun
>	'91 200TQ
>	'85 5KT
>Arun Rao
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>Pt. Richmond, CA 94804

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