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2 problems on 4CSQ

Dear List members,

I've got a '86 4000CSQ with about 110,000 miles.  I've got the following

1)  Two days ago, the car began running hot for some reason.  It takes about
15 minutes to reach the top end of the temperature gauge.  The coolant level
is fine.  The radiator was replaced less than two years ago.  Any suggestions?

2)  I've started hearing a clacking sound coming from the front end when I'm
making a turn.  The CV boots don't look torn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  There are very few Audi's here in
Gainesville, Florida, so I'm leary about taking the car to 'just' anyone.  I
want to be able to provide the garage/mechanic with as much info as possible.

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Alexander