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Re: Wheels and tires for my V8

> I just called Tire Rack and asked about wheels for my 90 V8.  They said
> that they carry only three wheels that fit the car and these are all 17
> inchers...

Don't do it!!!  Especially since you travel the same roads I do.  Go for the
16's.  Much easier to find tires for the 16's, and they're a whole bunch
cheaper (the tires, not the rims.  The rims are probably the same price.)
 Also, shop the Tire Crack for prices, then go somewhere local, like NTW, to
buy the wheels & try to get them to match the Crack's price.  Then get a
RoadHazard warranty.  I've just gone through two tires in two months, and at
$152 per tire with no RoadHazard warranty, I'm not too happy.  (Actaully, that
should read the car's not too happy, it's currently running four different
tires, three different rim sizes.)  Besides, the Tire Crack is a bunch of
idiots anyhow.  One thing to be aware of, the Tire Crack will only try to sell
you what they have in stock at that particular moment.  Meaning, the wheels
that they tell you will fit your car will differ every time you call.

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