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Radio antenna on 90Q

I have been following the ongoing discussions on poor radio reception,
installing an external antenna, etc.  This problem rang a bell w/me, and I
went and looked up some of my service records.  I have service records going
back to day 1 on one of my q's (an '88 90Q), and I discovered Audi had a
kind of 'secret warranty' on poor radio reception.  According to these
records, if you complained enough you would be 'approved' for a fix, which
was an Audi factory-approved dealer installation of an external, telescoping
electric antenna.  The original owner of my car complained for about six
months, through 3-4 service visits, and finally had the fix done (as well as
the radio replaced) on it under the 3-year warranty back in 1989.

I know a lot of this discussion was around 5k/100/200 radio problems, but if
anyone wants to do the conversion on the 90 there must be some documentation
about the specifics somewhere.  If anyone is interested on more specific
information about how it was done on my car (maybe I can do pictures or
measurements or something) e-mail me direct..........SLM