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What Car to Rent

     Benjawan Kuecharoenwong asked for advice on what to rent for his 
     forthcoming trip to the U.S.
     Five adults?  I'm going to assume so, although the recommendation is  
     good for adult/kid combinations, too.
     I regularly drive long-distance four or five up to car shows and 
     occasionally on business.  For non-enthusiast driving, you can't beat 
     a minivan for comfort and passenger/luggage carrying capacity.  Rent a 
     1996 Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager long-wheelbase model, if you can 
     find one (the short-wheelbase model doesn't provide enough luggage 
     space).  The Ford Windstar will work, too.  A long-wheelbase Ford 
     Aerostar is adequate but not much fun.  Try to avoid Chevy Lumina 
     APV/Pontiac TranSport.  I don't have firsthand experience with Mazda 
     MPV, Toyota Previa, Honda Odessy, etc., but they're probably smaller 
     than you need.  
     Don't expect Audi-like driving pleasure.  That isn't the point when 
     you're moving a lot of people on an extended trip.  Good luck!  Hope 
     you enjoy your visit.