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Re: V8 for sale

Stephen Williams wrote:
>         Tried to post this late last week.  Goofy computer prevented it,
> I guess.
>         Friday March 22 spoke with a guy that has the following for sale.
>         1990 Audi V8, 1 owner.  Claims it is one of the 200 Grouppe B prepped
> V8's imported in '90.  Claims 300 horse, extensive work done.  Too much
> for me to list.  Brakes have the '93 update, rack rebuilt, custom
> exhaust, custom interior, etc., etc.  I think he said it has about 78k.
> Top end of motor reworked recently.  Interesting aluminum skid plate setup.
> Sounds like an interesting car--if you like the V8.  Price:  $24,500.
>         I don't pretend to know anything about this car, or the work that
> has been done.  Don't know the guy from Adam.  Name: Christopher Burks.
> Phone:  1-818-240-7000; 1-818-790-9395.

I could not resist the urge to call about this car so I talked to 
Christopher Burks just a few minutes ago.  Wow!  If everything he 
said about his car is true, then this is the V8 I have always 
wanted.  I got all the details and now I will bore you with them.

I think that to say this car is a "Grouppe B" V8 might be an 
exaggeration.  He claims that the first 200 V8's shipped for 1990 
had slightly different engine configurations than the "regular" 
V8's.  They had ported and polished heads, different Motronics unit, 
and different cams.  Also, these cars had beefier anti-roll bars.  
Now, did this actually make it the 300+hp car he has?  I doubt it.  
He claims that the heads were milled, thus increasing the 
compression slightly and the chip was custom burned by Superchips 
for this car.  The car has also gotten a less restrictive exhaust 
system and Borla mufflers, which I am sure sound nice! 

Cosmetically, the car is nearly stock.  Interior is stock. Wheels 
are stock.  The exterior has been repainted (stripped to the metal) 
a lighter shade of pearl white than Audi uses.  Suspension has been 
modified with H & R racing springs (custom) and adjustable Koni's 
all around.  Overall the car sounds interesting to those who love 
V8's, like myself.  If anyone lives near San Fernando, they should 
go look at and drive this car for more info.

As far as getting any performance parts for the V8, like mine, he 
indicated that Audi Sport of Europe would be the only source 

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320 (on order)