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Re: speaker installation

> hello everyone I have a 1985 Coupe gt and I was wondering if anyone wnew 
> what the easiest way to remove the rear grilles for the speakers is.  I 
> was looking at them and they seem to be attached to the carpet liner.  If 
> anyone can tell me what the easiest way to do this is then I would 
> appreciate the help.  Also every time I turn on the stereom, a loud pop 
> happens and sometimes the right speaKERS don't work at all. Helllllp!
... my experience is with an '83 quattro turbo coupe, so YMMV ...

I found that the rear deck can be removed fairly easily by removing the 
rear seat back and then untucking the carpet that holds the deck in at 
the rear quarter windows.  You may need to bow the deck up in the middle 
to get it to slide out.

Popping of the speakers when you turn the stereo on sounds more to me 
like a problem in the stereo itself, and not the speakers.  If all right 
speakers were not working I would be thinking even more that the stereo 
is the true source of the problem ... 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)