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Body Shops in Bay Area

Art's Bodycraft (415-493-4459) is by far the best. They were recommended by
(the greatest Quattro mechanic in the Bay area) my mechanic (Tony
Dvorak/EuroQuattro Repair; 964-6066) who is a stickler for OEM quality. They
are mercedes experts and did a sweet job on my red '86 GT coupe. Some jerk
pulled out in front of me and wasted my headlight (267$) and fender. They got
the parts, repainted, etc in 3 days. Very good work. Due to new
carbonflourocarbon laws/restrictions, modern paint isn't as good as it used
to be. They ended up mixing a new paint and clearcoating it. Absolutely
perfect match to the rest of the car. I got some bird doodoo on the
(repainted) hood about 48 hours after the new paint job and neglected to wash
it off. Presto: staino. Took it back to them and they rubbed it out.

 Tell them Twain in the red audi coupe sent you.