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Re[2]: 1984 UR-Q

     I believe the car you are looking at was advertised on the Web? 
     UR-Q's are excellent cars, BUT, they are very expensive to maintain and you 
     should be aware what you are getting into. 
     Because of the rarity of the car ~100 in Canada, ~500 in North America 
     finding mechanics with experience of the car can be difficult and even 
     going to Audi dealers is no guarantee of competancy, many of them have 
     never seen an UR-Q let alone worked on one or ordered the correct parts for 
     one. If I was you, I would speak to some Audi mechanics at a dealership 
     (not the customer service reps - who will tell you what you want to here) 
     and ask them if they are periodically servicing any UR-Q's and if there is 
     a mechanic who specialises in them. If there is, ask him to check the car 
     out and list the parts and prices to "sort" out ALL the cars problems, 
     include labour as some of the periodic maintenance items have high labour 
     charges e.g. replacing the clutch, engine mounts, rear shocks etc. (the 
     clutch takes over 10 hours of labour, the engine and transmission having to 
     be removed).
     Bottom line is, these are great cars, but exepensive to keep on the road. 
     When they are "sorted" it will give you many hours of trouble free, FUN 
     driving, when they have problems you need to know where to get the right 
     parts and advice to fix them. Don't let me put you off, but these cars are 
     a real labour of love.
     Let me know what happens, regards, Mike

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Subject: Re:  1984 UR-Q
Author:  ,"Pandya, Raggi        CA-MNTPO1" <RPANDYA@MNTPO1.CA.unisys.com> at 
Date:    3/28/96 12:48 PM

I am currently reviewing the purchase of a 1984 Audi UR-Q, located up   
here in
Canada (Toronto).  It seems to be a European version(?), with no imperial   
on the speedometer.
The vehicle has a new top end(old one had a hair line crack in cylinder   
head), with
ported and polished heads and full valve work, timing belt, water pump   
and starter.
Straight piped exhaust with 2.5" pipe and muffler.  Slightly increased   
boost levels
(stiffer wastegate spring?) and mint interior. However, the transmission   
is barely
functioning, only 1st and 5th remain usable, all others are marginally   
The price seems reasonable considering the modifications and the   
Is there a suitable transmission substitute for this car, from a   
What are my rebuild options?
I am very interested in this car, but I have the distinct sensation that   
I may be
getting a little over my head.  What should I be watching for in this   
particular model?
I understand that it is going to involve a little more maintenance than   
an average sports
coupe, but are parts available and not too expensive?  How would I   
identify the
vintage/year and US/European spec.
I have a tremendous passions for this car, every since I had seen one in   
a rally race
, years ago when I was a mere tot.  However I already own an enduring but   
temperamental Z car, and this purchase may be a little too much work.
Please advise, I very much need any information available to make this   
Raagi Pandya
Montreal, Canada