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Alarm Butchers

tnas@dtpdirect.nl (Tom Nas, DTP Direct bv) asked:

> I'm thinking of fitting an alarm to my '88 80 1.8S. The Euro spec 80 is a
> really simple car with not a lot of electronics. Looking at my wiring I
> think it's a job I can do myself. I probably cannot buy the alarms over
> here you guys in the 'States can get, but I would like some recommendations
> from the do-it-yourselfers on this subject.
> 1. Is it wise to install an alarm system myself or should I leave it to the
> pros ($$$)?

DON'T let those butchers touch your car.  They will screw up the 
electronic systems and you'll pay for it as long as you own the car.  
You can afford to take FAR more time and do the job FAR more 
carefully!  (Strong opinion follows....)
> 2. I definately do *not* want to be woken up in the middle of the night by
> my own alarm, because I locked a mosquito in, or because the car is being
> rocked by the wind (like my neighbour's, always at 3AM). Any ideas on this?

Adjust it properly and you won't have that problem.  Period.  Most 
people never bothre to adjust them correctly...it takes time and 
multiple trials.   You should offer to help your neighbor adjust 
> 3. What sort of protection should I go for? Door switches? Infrared? Is
> there a good way to disable the whole electrical system, so the car cannot
> be driven? Where should I mount the electronics? Is there a way of
> preventing someone putting a high-voltage current through the car, thus
> 'zapping' my alarm?

IMO - Just enough alarm to get any discount available from your insurance.  
 Check their requirements and get the minimum - since no pays any 
attention to them.  Screw the proximity alarms and fancy stuff.  go 
for impact and something that triggers if the interior lights come 
> 4. Anything more you'd like to share on this subject? (Even just amusing
> alarm-related stories meaning 'don't do it like this!) Are there any
> do-it-yourselfers who made up a low-cost alarm or theft prevention device?
> (And I don't mean 500 volts through the door handles)

 You can do this for about $80-$90 if you do it yourself...$150 tops. 
 ****IMO**** since no one pays attention, keep it simple and DON'T 
cut or tap any electrical wires in yoiur car unles you knwo what they 
do.   Cheers.

> OK, there must be some of you who have something to share on this subject.
> Please mail me personally or mail to the list- I'd like to know everything
> on this subject.
> Cheers!
> Tom.

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