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Octane levels vs...?

        I have noticed, that here in Colorado, we get the lowest octane
levels of many states I have visited recently. I have seen a MAX of 91
octane here, where many other states will have 94 and 95 octane.. 

        Why is that? It seems that for maximum turbo performance, we would
need high performance gasoline too... Is it because of the altitude - the
gas people figure that the air is thinner, and so engines ( normally
aspirated ) will suck in less air, and thus be less likely to knock?
        Or is it a.. conspiricy!?!?

        Could we mix aviation fuel ( unleaded ) with regular fuel to raise
the octane up? What does aviation fuel run per gallon?

brooks      " duuuuudee - check out my ride - I've cranked it up to 4.6 bar
boost! I'm running 146 octane jet fuel man!! "