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Re: V8Q Transmission and Front Brakes

On Thu, 28 Mar 1996, H R BACH wrote:

> Can anyone advise if parts are available for this transmission anywhere
> in N/A?

this tranny is the same one as those used in bmw 735 and 750s of
the same vintage.  it is made by ZF.  you can probably get more
hits if you ask the bmw dealers and service places in addition
to the audi dealers.

> I asked Audi about a service manual, and they offer it only on
> microfiche. Is there another manual available?

i have a set of hardcopy v8 manuals that i got from the dealer.
they use hardcopy manuals to fix cars, therefore it is available.
getting them to sell you a set if another matter altogether.

btw, the manuals do not have any tranny repair information.  just
how to determine if it's bad and how to replace it.

you also need to have the special diagnostic computer to run
a lot of the tests.