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Re: pressure & temp senders

In a message dated 96-03-28 23:09:29 EST, you write:

>Since I can't find the wires for the oil temp & oil pressure gauges I guess
>I'll trace backwards to the senders units.  Okay,  call me an idiot but,
>where are they?
>Jesse Almero, Jr.
>Torrance,  CA
>1986 Coupe GT


If you are looking for the sending units you'll find the oil temp at the
bottom right front of the engine block next to the crank pulley.  The oil
pressure (2 of them; 1.8bar, .3bar), one is about midway on left side of
engine down low on the block and the other I can't remember but seems as
though it was around/on  the cylinder head.  The wire colors are White/Gray
for the 1.8 bar, and Blue/Black for the .3 bar unit.

Bruce Johnson
85 4KCSQ