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'95/90Q vs. A4

re: Is the old 90 really as inferior as the reviews
make it to be?

Well, not really.  First, in the older (90V6), there is
a large difference between the Q and the FWD models.  For
example, in their very positive A4 review, Car and Driver 
indicated that "several staff members thought they
were driving a Quattro".  A freind of mine, going from
his sisters new FWD A6 5-sp into my 90Q20V basically
said "woa, what a difference" w/r/t handling.  Of course,
he would have said the same w/r/t trunk space :-)

The 1992-1996 90V6 is quite soft and "numb" compared to
the pre-92 models, like mine.  I compared both before
choosing the 91 20V model, despite the MUCH better storage
space in the newer car.  However, it appears to be
reliable, smooth drivertrain, and very neutral.  Just
not tactile (or particularly pretty).

If you can get a new car, (<100miles) with a full warranty,
quattro, and most accessories for $21-22 - good deal.  But
remember that with judicious restraint on options, the A41.8T
will likely be about $26 (k, not $).

Drive it.  The motor and drivetrain are the same.
If its comfortable and you like the driving, just
maklle sure you get it a few thjousand below a comparably
equipped A4.

Long-windedly yours,