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Re: Bomb....Bad Bomb

> On the other hand, when you *REALLY* need it, as in fan belt breaks, for
> example, and the pump stops pumping, one turn of the wheel and you've
> emtpied the bomb and have no brakes.

Actually, you just have no power assist.  You still have plenty of brakes.

> Having been there -- fan belt breaks -- I can attest that I personally
> like brakes to keep working; the steering is hard but not impossible; I
> shudder to think how hard a 3000lb+ 4-wheel-disc-brake car is to stop sans
> power assist on the calipers!

The bomb on my late '87 5k was deader-than-a-door-nail for over a year and I
never had ANY problem stopping or steering the car ... Yes, the effort was a
bit harder than before but I actually found the car had a much better "feel"
this way and I've seriously considered modifying my '89 200q accordingly.

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