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5KS switch wire color(s)

  On the 1984 5000S, with manual transmission, the connector
  corroded and the wires fell off of the (upshift switch???) switch 
  located on the top of the intake manifold twords the firewall.
  It's the switch that gets activated at full throttle.  I had a
  friend (over the phone) check the Bently wiring diagram, 
  in the Bently it only lists 2 wires instead of 4, and the two
  it lists are colors not present on my car. My car has 4 wires, 
  2 black/brown wires, one red/brown and one striped yellow/brown 
  wire. There should be two wires on each side of the switch,
  I need to know which two go with which two.

  If someone on the list has one of these also, and can take a 
  quick look under the hood for me I'd appreciate it. Or check
  with an alternative wiring diagram that might list the correct



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