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Pistons in the way

In a message dated 96-03-31 03:24:27 EST, you write:

>I always thought the 10v 5 cylinders engine is the non-interference type
>engine but last week my mechanic friend showed me an 87' 5000s turbo with
>a broken timing belt with all it's valves destroyed! The car only has
>79,000 miles on it. It's kind of funny since I remembered I called
>Audi a long time ago when I used to own an 85' 5000s about interval for
>replacing timing belt, they told me there was no recommended interval but I 
>changed mine at 72,000 miles. The guy I talked to also commented that it 
>should last 100,000 miles. 
60k tops,,,,,,,,  Yes the MC motor is interference type....