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<5KSTQ> Radiator fan resistors

On my 87, where are the resistors for the radiator fan? 

My system seems to be stuck on high. I dismantled the low speed relay and
overrode it - still came on high. Problem with this is the elec cooling pump
won't run this way. I can jumper it from the battery and it runs fine - so I
know the pump is fine. I can also read 12.0 volts or so at the connector
when it is supposed tio be running - so it does get power - just not enough
to run the pump. Afore I replace that dratted after run relay, I'd like to
trace more wiring. 

Total symptoms:
Runs on high with AC in auto - continuously (normal?)
With AC in Econ - fan doesn't run until temp is up to small tick marks (2/3
scale on temp guage) - I don't believe this is normal.
After run - runs on high, elec pump receives voltage but doesn't run.(Will
Run with sep power from battery).
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